1. How long does bulk order takes to deliver products?

15 to 20 days is normal shipment time period to deliver products ordered. However, special cases where order is requested urgently can be handled and successfully completed

2. Do you provide products/medicines manufactured by manufacturer other than Fortune Healthcare?

We are registered distributor of Fortune Healthcare Pharmacy. But yes, we also distribute products and medications manufactured by other manufacturer/pharmacies. You can contact us or drop down an enquire for ordering other products

3. Do you distribute only ED medicines manufactured by Fortune Healthcare?

Yes, we do take orders and ship for various products other than ED, like we have Proscalpin medicine that treats Male Pattern Baldness in men. 

4. Is FortuneHealthcare.in and Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.in same?

No, FortuneHealthcare.in is the manufacturer pharmacy of medicines, whereas Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.in is online pharmacy that distributes Fortune Healthcare manufactured medications.

5. What is the minimum bulk order that can be placed?

Minimum bulk order of product depends on medicines you order, stock of product and requirement of customer. However, quantity of bulk order placed is determined case to case.

6. What benefits can I get on placing bulk orders with Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.in?

Products delivered by Fortunehealthcarepharmacy.in guarantees genuine Fortune Healthcare manufactured products to deliver optimum satisfaction to customer. However, please keep visiting our website for upcoming offers and deals that shall attract you.

7. Can/Will you ship to multiple locations for same bulk order placed by me?

Our affiliate stores handle, multiple locations shipping. Please place your order to out affiliates or place an order here to ship to only one particular shipping address. 

8. Does bulk order need advance payment?

Yes, 50% of total ordered products amount needs to be transferred to the bank account. Rest of the amount can be paid at the time of delivery.

9. Do you replace damaged/expired products delivered by your affiliate and resellers?

Yes, we do replace products and medications delivered to you with damage or expired dates. In such situations you can contact us soon as you see the product

10. What are the manufacturing standards for Generic Drugs provided by you?

Regardless of manufacturer Fortune Healthcare, the quality of medicines is supervised during production and is clinically tested supply. Only after satisfying set quality standards by us, the drug gets approved for sale.

11. What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, only payment method we accepted is Visa Card

12. What are the security policies of this distributor?

Our security policies are the latest to an extent that we can assure you about complete safe transactions. Your payment information is treated discreetly and in no way compromised. To know our policy in detain you can Click Here

13. How can I become affiliate to you?

Click Here to become an affiliate to this distributor and know benefits of affiliate. Fill the form on the page and start your own business. 

14. Which countries do you ship to?

Products ordered are shipped worldwide except Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, France, Metropolitan, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and United Arab Emirates (UAE).